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2008 GCCIA

The GCCIA (Gulf Cooperative Council Interconnection Authority) was challenged to provide a 400Kv transmission line together with connecting substations which operated in industrial and coastal areas but provided high reliability. This was a major project for a 400kV grid system interconnecting Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait over a distance in excess of 800 kilometres and which will eventually link up with the UAE Oman. Solution: RTV Silicone HVIC


Heysham 400kV substation overcoat of current transformers on SGT2 circuit.

The current transformers had been coated with RTV Silicone HVIC in 1998. The original coating had provided the reliable maintenance-free solution expected by National Grid and the insulators remained in continued service for this period with no flashovers. The overcoat application was successfully carried out after cleaning and checking the original coating.


Tod Point Substation is located close to the coast, adjacent to a steel works and within an area of considerable industrial activity. It is exposed to a high saline atmosphere together with iron ore dust fall out from the steelworks and other chemical pollutants from a nearby petro-chemical complex.

We started this application in April 2012 and it was the largest RTV Silicone HVIC projects carried out in the UK since introduction of the product in 1988. The insulators had been previously greased and were heavily contaminated with iron ore dust and industrial pollution. A few of the insulators on site had been coated with rtv silicone many years ago so were given an overcoat but the majority had to be degreased and polished then coated for the first time.